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Service & Complain Management System

Customer Service Request & Complain Management System is a web based customer relationship management system application. This system allows to provide various kinds of service related with customer request & complain.


MyOrder bring your great ideas to life! From mobile app easily collect order with location and other business related information, back-end integration with your legacy systems, mobile app testing and delivery of mobile app services related to your products.

Doctor Plan/Call

Doctor Plan/Call manage business reporting using handheld mobile devices for live data communication such as, Doctor plan, Doctor call, Promo Material management, Plan and Call status report at virtually everywhere.

Workflow System

Workflow system manage Customer addition, Doctor addition, Complain Reporting, Leave Application Reporting, Replacement and Requisition of goods and Leave Reporting at virtually everywhere.


MySale makes you more flexible to increase your sell and also get the day to day activities. All related reports are given from a single click. So the more you sell the more you get profit.

Financial Information System

Financial Information System is a customer relationship management system. System that have both server part and mobile part. This Setter and Mobile based application allows customer to get various kinds of service related with customer service.

Education Management System

iOS & Android Apps In Your Brand for Parents, Teachers & Students You can now enjoy the benefit of having a dedicated mobile app in your institution’s name that will communicate with your system and stay connected with everyone.

Distribution Management System

Developing secure, scalable, and manageable solutions using a wide stack of Business Intelligence technologies and tools to transform your raw data into valuable insights.

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